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Motor Accident Claims Tribunal or MACT undergoes with the work which is related to the compensation of motor accidents victims. The tribunal deal with claims relating to loss of life/ property and cases of injury resulting from the motor accident.

Sometimes insurance companies deny claims, acting in what is legally called bad faith

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Report a case to MACT

The claim shall be reported as soon as possible in an accident. In case of theft, an FIR shall be registered within a period of 24 hrs., and for any further delay, there shall be a sufficient cause. Under section 166 of Motors Vehicle Act, 1988, such persons can report to MACT:

  • Victim by himself or through his advocate
  • Through an advocate if the injured is a minor
  • In case of death, the representatives or the lawyer
  • The owner of the vehicle in case of property damage

Documents are required by the claimer

  • Copy of FIR registered in connection with the accident
  • Copy of post mortem report, death report as the case may be
  • The documents related to the identity of claimant and of deceased in a death case
  • Original bills of expenses incurred on the treatment
  • Documents of educational qualification of deceased
  • Disability certificate, if obtained, in an injury case
  • Proof of income of deceased or injured
  • Documents stating age of the claimant
  • The note of third party insurance policy
  • The affidavit detailing the relationship of the claimants with the deceased

Within the 30 days of filing an FIR, the SHO is bound to submit the report with the copy of the insurance policy, including attested copy of FIR, site plan, photograph, registration cover, Driving licence, permit, fitness report, post mortem report (in case of death)

When the value of the repairs exceeds that of the vehicle which has met the accident, then such vehicle is called totalled.

According to the act, only motor third party insurance is mandatory to have by all the owners of a four wheeler car, but it is advisable to get a comprehensive cover as well for a greater peace of mind.

Yes, the existing policy can be transferred to the new car, but if the car is expensive than the old one, then such charges of premium shall also be increased.