Police Laws

Police Laws

Police Laws deal with the regulation and code of conduct of law enforcement officials.

Since, policing is a state subject under the Indian Constitution most of the states in India have separate legislations dealing with the control of police in that state.

The Indian Police Act, 1861: Section 23 of this act specifies that it shall be the duty of every police-officer to obey and execute all orders and warrants lawfully issued to him by any competent authority; to collect and communicate intelligence affecting the public peace; to prevent the commission of offences and public nuisances; to detect and bring offences to justice and to apprehend all persons whom he is legally authorised to apprehend, and for whose apprehension sufficient ground exists; and it shall be lawful for every police-officer, without a warrant to enter and inspect, any drinking-shop, gaming-house or other place of resort of loose and disorderly characters.

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